Sweet little things…

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Sadly (or happily, depending on your perspective), the world is full of sweet little things. Sweet adorable girls, trying to pull knitted hats off their heads…

Picture here

… and incredibly sweet small cups full of concentrated evil…

Picture here

Have any of the rest of you encountered this particular drink? Starbuck’s new ultra-rich chocolate drink – Chantico. 6 ounces of super-concentrated chocolate. Evil. Pure, unadulterated evil.

However, I will use it as a carrot to get me started on my fitness kick, so I suppose it’s a good thing – any day where I work out at least 45 minutes I may have a Chantico. No workout, no chantico. And if I have one early, I must then find a way to work out sometime that day. I have no excuse, there’s a treadmill in the guest bedroom.

Speaking of which, it’s time for me to get off to martial arts! I have taped episodes of Lost and West Wing to watch, so I have hopes of getting more Irish Hiking Scarf done (or finishing it?)

If anyone’s wondering, the little girl in the hat actually likes it, she would just rather chew on it than wear it. Trendsetter Blossom is so soft, it makes great baby gifts!

It’s Knitty Secret Pal season, gotta find something really cool to send off 🙂