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Look, I know you’re probably thinking “She’s gotta be done with those socks by now…” Well, uh… um… hey! Look over there! Aren’t those kids adorable?

My kids had an open house at their school on Thursday. Here’s my boy pointing out his fabulous reading book (he’s in Kindergarten). He’s not wearing his school uniform because the kindergarteners got free (green) dress for St. Patrick’s day (bonus!) Ninja turtles have green on them. So ninja turtles it was.

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And my second grade daughter striking her most adorable pose at her desk. The second graders did not get free dress, but she decided to wear her green shirt to help fend off any potential pinchers.

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Have you forgotten about the socks yet? No? Hmm… the school also had a science fair at the open house…

Here’s Devon (and his green ninja turtles) showing us what the kindergarteners learned about floating and sinking:

Picture here

And Victoria describing the second grade project on penicillin growth:

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Ok, ok, I did make some progress on the socks. I’ve just been super duper busy and haven’t gotten them done yet.

I did get a super sweet package from my SP4 Pal!

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On the left you see lots of wonderfully sweet Easter treats, and on the top, a super sweet koolaid dying kit (yarn, many different kinds of koolaid, and instructions from KR and Knitty). I can’t wait to try it out! Also included is a cool needle sizer which looks a lot like those old ring sizers I used to play with when I was a kid. So, to sum up, a SWEET package!

Thanks so much, SP! I can’t wait to play with the yarn! Next week when we get back from Disneyland I think my daughter and I will try out the koolaid project. And then I can figure out something cool to do with the yarn 🙂

In the meantime, I shall soldier on with these socks. Only a couple more inches before the toe shaping. On with the knitting!