Thank God it’s Monday, so I can get back to work and rest up from my frantic weekend… a Girl Scout, knitting, chores, jiu jitsu and shopping extravaganza. Thanks for all the healing vibes for my sick kitty, he’s doing much better. My other cat is a little miffed that he hasn’t gotten any photo credits yet, so I present for you… Talon!

Picture here

Any thoughts on why we might not pose this mature 12-year old cat casually with my knitting?

Picture here


Picture here

Or why we might have named him “Talon”?

Picture here

Well anyways, he’s a handsome fellow and worthy of a yarn sacrifice now and then.

In other news, I have successfully assimilated one of my best friends into the knitting borg. My newly-assimilated friend and I went to get some needles from my LYS but their stock is still wiped out from the holidays, so I planned my weekend around trying to get over to Knitting Arts for their post-holiday sale – I need to do some sock knitting for the newbie Sockapalooza swap so I needed DPNS, and she just wanted some needles and yarn to start with so she didn’t have to keep borrowing.

I almost didn’t make it. They close at 5 on Sundays and our chores took us to 4:30 – considering that it was raining and the place is 1/2 hour away I was willing to give up, but my gallant husband shepherded the kids into the car and we headed over to the store – we called ahead to tell them I might be a bit late. As it turns out, it was a good thing. There were still 10 shoppers frantically trying to scoop up armfuls of sale-priced treasures when I got there at 5:05, so the weary clerks tried to fend me off until I said that I was the person who had called ahead, at which point they waved me in. I didn’t feel too bad – there were still 3 shoppers left in the store when I left 10 minutes later. Sadly, the books I wanted to get had already been sold but I got my friend some starter needles and snagged some very sexy DPNs at 20% off…

Picture here

… so I can get started on some socks once I’m done with the Almost Comleted Irish Hiking Scarf. I’ll use the leftover red felted merino yarn – perhaps some nice wool socks will help redeem me for my previous novelty yarn use in the eyes of these Serious Knitters:

This is a picture

Or perhaps not. I might buy some fun fur for my daughter to use as fringe on her latest scarf, so I’m probably bound for the special hell for novelty yarn knitters. It’s ok, I’m sure I’ll be in good company!


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