The Dryer Ate It

OK, where did it go? I had a skein of silk yarn for Susan’s Hallowig. You’ve seen pictures, I know I had it around here somewhere… where could it be? I’ve checked my office (which is really more of a craft room – I work from my recliner in the family room). I’ve checked my van. I’ve checked all my knitting bags (which were selected because they’re CLEAR and I can see what’s in them). But it’s nowhere to be found! How can a ball of yarn (I think it’s a ball… pretty sure I wound it) disappear like that? Did I maybe leave it in the room at Disneyland? *sigh* I would be certain that the dryer ate it like some errant sock, except that I’m certain that it’s never even seen the laundry room. Perhaps the van ate it. That vehicle definitely has a mind of its own.

Until I solve this mystery, I’m getting started on some Broad Ripple socks for Susan (she’s allergic to wool), and someday I will be ordering some 60″ needles so I can make my kitty a cozy moebius bed. Just as soon as I remember to bring my wallet in from the car because Jimmy Beans Wool doesn’t take Amex and that’s the only card number I’ve got memorized. I really need to make this kitty bed because my arm is in constant danger of some kind of circulation disorder from the 17 pound cat lying atop it while I type. Ironically enough, I’ll probably miss having him squishing me when he’s got a cozy bed to lie in. Maybe our other cat will take up residence instead.

In the meantime, some wonderful anonymous person sponsored me for the Revlon Run/Walk, bringing my online total to $396! A friend has promised $50 so I’m over $400… the mind boggles. The pictures have been posted from my race last Sunday – I put them on my Fitness Blog. Go ahead, take a look! I love race photos, they’re my favorite part of racing. OK, I can tell you’re not going to go look, so I’ll include a gratuitous race photo here too:

Picture here

Even though I have somehow lost a $20 skein of yarn it’s been a good week:

– I had a better time than expected for the race

– My son had a fabulous week at kindergarten (new teacher, major upheaval, he’s not good with change, but he did great!)

– Susan will (hopefully!) be moved back to Santa Cruz on Monday

– I had a good work week this week – got a couple of nasty coding tasks out of the way

So in general it’s been a good week. But still, where did I put that yarn?

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