The Intersect has Launched

Many of my faithful readers are aware that I’m quite passionate about giving people different ways to browse through data spaces. Being a Netflix subscriber, one of the things I find frustrating is that I cannot make intersecting queries to find movies I want to see, or to help me remember a movie I vaguely recall a few data points about.

To that end I have created an iPad application, The Intersect for Netflix, which allows users to do exactly that.  Watch the video below to get a taste for what it does for you.  This first version only has movies in it, but version 1.1 (already submitted to the App Store) will have TV shows as well.

This application was developed using the Freebase and Netflix APIs, combined together to provide a richer exploration experience for the user.

It’s not free, but what else are you going to do with a dollar?  Yo-yos are frustrating, band candy is temporary, but this will give you hours of entertainment – and it will just keep getting better!

Version 1.1 is now in the store, including TV shows and the ability to rate movies!

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