The Scarf of Damocles

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Say, what color is the albatross around *your* neck? Mine is red!

Picture here

And… it’s finished! Free at last, free at last, thank g*d almighty I’m free at last! The really funny thing is that this project wasn’t very hard or complicated or even very extensive. But I started it a week before Christmas as a Christmas present (and I’ve had lots of other intervening things on my plate) and so it’s been hanging over my head like the sword of Damocles, haunting me until I finally finished it. Today. Hit 60 inches, bound off, wove in ends, woo!

Didn’t get much else done today – my little girl (who is 7) has a nasty cold and I was up with her until 3 so I’m tired and cranky and have no energy.

Tomorrow I can get started on my next projects:

  • Washcloth in Continental knitting! I want to get this done so I am comfortable knitting continentally. I’ll use the Knitting Help videos for this, but mostly I think I just need to practice.
    • First pair of socks for Sockapalooza for beginners (due March 1). Need yarn. Need a pattern. Need some DPNs. Other than that I’m all ready to go on this!
      • Sweater or shoes or something for Kaily (the baby featured in the last post)… her first birthday is in February
        • Chevron scarf in Manos Stria Cotton for my friend. This, I have everything for.
          • First goodie kit for my Knitty Secret Pal 3 pal… </ul> That’s probably enough for one day, I think.

            Since I’m pretty certain my SP doesn’t read my blog I will mention that I found some fabulous SP-worthy stitch markers of two types – Sushi Stitch markers and Goddess Stitch Markers. Very cool!

            In fitness and health news, I started a new blog to journal my strides toward a healthier life. The “Be Fit” logo over there »> no longer goes to FitDay – it now goes to my new blog. I’m planning to run in a bunch of races this year. Stay tuned if you’re interested…