This one’s for you!

First, let me give a huge thanks to Elizabeth of Three Olive Martini for her donation *and* for the wonderful shout out on her blog!

OK, for all of you out there who are not fiber nuts, but in need of some enticement, I’m going to throw out a few other options for you to ponder…

As you may know, I live in Santa Cruz, California. Santa Cruz has tons of cool stuff (not just beaches and surfers!)

Love Sweets? Santa Cruz has 3 independent candy makers and the best cookie company on the planet:

Donnelly’s Chocolates

Picture here

This place is amazing. Read one blogger’s review (and another here. Now wipe the drool off your chin and click that sponsor link!

Marini’s Candies

Picture here

Marini’s has more of your normal candy options – they’re mostly famous for their salt water taffy in a zillion flavors.

<a href=”>MacKenzie’s Chocolates</a>

Picture here

MacKenzie’s also makes lots of yummy chocolate options – more sedate than Donnelly’s but more gourmet than Marini’s.

Pacific Cookie Company

Picture here

You’ll just have to trust me on this one. These are the best cookies ever. Especially the peanut butter chocolate chip.

If you’re a winner, just say the word and I’ll go fetch something from one of these fine establishments for you as your Sweet Prize.

Not a fan of sweets *or* fiber? What’s wrong with you? OK, I have something for regular folks too. For a Thrilling Prize, I’ll give 2 tickets to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. I know this isn’t too useful if you don’t live around here but I’m guessing you won’t pick this one if you live in Alaska. Or Florida. However, I know I have lots of San Francisco Bay Area readers and this prize is worth about $60, so I figured I’d offer it as an option.

Don’t worry, tomorrow I’ll get back to the fiber enticements… candy porn is somehow not as satisfying as fiber porn. But if any of the above is tempting, then sponsor me 🙂


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