Tummy update

1 minute read

When last we left my intrepid tummy, we were headed to the gastro doc to talk about why it was so sad.  She decided I should have a colonoscopy to make sure my intestines weren’t problematic, and a CAT scan to make sure my pancreas wasn’t puffy.  So, after finishing my 3 weeks of the elimination diet, I spent a day drinking barium for the cat scan, and then later that week I spent a day eating clear liquids for the colonoscopy.

Verdict: My pancreas is fine.  My intestines did have a flat polyp which she removed (hurray!)  No crohn’s, no other problems.
So, we’re left with the likely problem of Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth.  I’ve done some research on this and I’ve found a program that seems to really be working. So, anyone in a similar situation can take heed and see if something like this will help you too:
  • Enteric-coated peppermint oil.  This stuff is awesome.  It kills bacteria in your small intestine and reduces gas and bloating.  3x/day.  I’m gonna take this for a month and then switch to building up my flora, because I’m guessing the peppermint oil isn’t smart enough to distinguish between “good flora in the large intestine” and “misguided flora in the small intestine”
  • Much less crap.  I’m trying to keep myself to foods which are as close to whole as possible.  I know, duh, but really, this is making a huge difference.  I’m making bread in my breadmaker almost every morning, making dinners from actual ingredients, avoiding foods that tend to cause acidity in your system.  I noticed that eating more alkaline-causing foods made my body happier so I’m working on that.  Note that artificial sweeteners are the acidest foods of all.
  • UltraClear Ph.  This is medical food that helps keep your Ph in the right place.  And it seems to help my system be happy.
So much success I’m having on this plan that two days ago I WORE PANTS for the first time in 3 years.  And didn’t have to take them off from uncomfortable bloating.