Vacation, all I ever wanted

1 minute read

OK, I *did* do the race over the Golden Gate Bridge. The first mile I was totally rocking, 12:30 at the mile marker. Then we went around a corner and looked up at the underbelly of the bridge and said ‘sh*t’. 250 feet up. Man, that sucker is high up. I asked my co-runners if there might be an elevator, but alas, there is none. So we climbed 250 vertical feet in a mile, and were pretty wasted by the time we got to the top. We walked most of the rest of the very hilly race… our final time was 2:02, which is pretty decent. The reason I didn’t post before is that I was, uh, waiting for the pictures so I could post them. I know, pretty vain, but there it is. I did sing the whole way to the 80’s tunes on my iPod. And I burned 1207 calories. So it wasn’t all bad 🙂

Next race, Santa Cruz Half Marathon/10K (we’ll do the 10K) on April 17. I know this route very well, and it is FLAT. Hurray. Flat. I like flat.

The last week I was on vacation – we went to Disneyland for 5 days and then I was sick with an intestinal bug for 4. Whee. Way to spend my vacation, eh? Back to running and martial arts tomorrow. Can’t wait!