Welcome to the Polymath Palace!

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For all of you who have been beamed over to here from the PerlGoddess website, a little explanation is probably in order. Before I started working at my current company, building applications involving graph databases and freebase, I used to do all of my coding in Perl. Alas, this is no longer the case. In fact, since I started here I believe the only thing I’ve done with my Perl skills is some minor hackery on our Socialtext installation. And since I’m an OCD person, I’m afraid I’m not able to convince myself that it’s ok to post about anything non-perl related on a PerlGoddess website. And so my blog has sat unloved and unposted upon for months, due to this somewhat bizarre neurosis.

When deciding what to name my new site, I tried hard to think of something that wouldn’t paint me into a corner. Domestigirl was nice (until someone squatted on it), but kind of fenced me into cooking and knitting and the like, and it suffered a similar fate, although not as abruptly. PerlGoddess never really made it into “regular blogging” territory for the reasons mentioned above. The topics I might be motivated to post about are wide-ranging indeed – from martial arts to Adobe Flex to semantic web ideas to philosophy to singing (and let’s don’t forget cooking)… anyhow, you get the drift. I’ve got a lot going on and I’m frequently switching hobbies.

So, welcome to the Palace of Princess Polymath – blogging by a flibbertijibit (and sometimes, her clone). I promise that I’ll try to use real words in describing whatever’s flitting through my brain, and hope that the posts end up being amusing to someone (at least myself!)

Coming soon, in no particular order:

  1. Ode to a Kindle
  2. Singing samples so I can join a band
  3. A review of the fabulous math site Aleks
  4. A discussion of maths large and small
  5. Some commentary on a scrabble game or New York Times crossword

… or perhaps something completely different. One just never knows.

Anyhow, welcome.