What, no pictures?

Yes, it’s true. An entry without pictures. I’m too lazy to take a picture of the sea urchin of needles and thread that is my first sock attempt. Maybe tomorrow.

Tomorrow will be my mental health day. I have taken the day off and will flee from all responsibilities in my life. I plan to visit with my friend in the ICU at 10, then go pick up Michelle at the airport, then we’ll head down to Stitches West for our first visit to the marketplace. I’m hoping for more needles because I only have about 50 of them. More Inox needles would be good. Especially for socks. And maybe a ball winder, and some books, and some yarn, and, and, and… well, you get the picture. I’ll be sure to provide lots of pictorial evidence to taunt all of you who don’t live around here.

My friend in the ICU has had a couple of better days in a row. She’s not out of the woods yet but I’m grateful to be granted any kernels of hope to brighten in my heart and share with all those who love her via the updates. I’m looking forward to visiting with her tomorrow and telling her again how much we all want her to wake up and start bossing us around again.

Depending on how everything goes I may pick up the ingredients to make a recipe for the Sugar High Fridays on Is My Blog Burning (Puff Pastry Month!) I’d have to make it tomorrow, we’ll see how the timing works out. What I have in mind should be yummy so let’s hope I get the time to make it.

Anyhow, sorry. No pictures. Tomorrow there will be pictures. And more on Saturday. I promise.

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